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Lighting &

Special Effects

Having the right lighting at your event can have a huge impact. The type of lighting system changes depending on the type of event and venue. When done right, the results are breathtaking.


We provide lighting services for Weddings, Fashion Shows, Outdoor Festivals, Private Events, Clubs, Corporate Events, and much more! 


There are a variety of smoke machines and haze effects to choose from to achieve the perfect effect for your event.

Sparkular showven effect machine .jpg

Setup & Delivery

All Lighting Equipment is available for rental and we also provided pick up, delivery, installation and tear down

Lighting Tech

On sight certified professional  Lighting technician to control and manage light show to setup the perfect ambiance

Special effects

  • New Cold Fire sparkular machine.

  • C02 Jets &  LED Guns

  • Dry ice effect 

  • Low Haze Machines

  • Smoke Machines


  • LED Up Wall Lighting

  • Moving Head Lights

  • Rigging Lighting Systems

  • Spot Lights

  • Parcan Stage Lighting

  • Custom Initial

  • Party Effects Basic Lighting

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