The man behind the name DJ KSquare is Karan Mehta, a Toronto resident who DJ’s with a global musical sound and generates international appeal. Karan’s involvement within the music industry and the global DJing scene has provided him with opportunities to perform globally and work with artists such as Lehmber Hussainpuri , RDB, Jassi Sidu, Sukshinder Shinda and Parichay. His extensive involvement has helped shape musical trends within the wedding industry. Though his talents and skills are limitless, his passion and desire has continuously steered him towards music and DJing.

From filling dance floors in some of the hottest nightclubs to touring as the official DJ for some of the best in the South Asian music industry, DJ K-Square continues to showcase his musical prowess by spinning and mixing tracks at live musical events and special occasions around the world.

DJ K-Square has over 15 years of DJing experience and has developed a style that is proven to keep you and your guests thoroughly entertained.

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